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I spy with my little eye, something beginning with “A” …

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AAMP – abbr.
Apartment Asian Massage Parlor. Based in a residential apartment instead of a commercial storefront.

AAMP – abbr.
Asian-American Massage Parlor. This is the politically correct acronym.

AMP – abbr.
Asian Massage Parlor.

ABC sex
Sex only on Anniversaries, Birthdays and Christmas. Sometimes happens to couples who have been together for a while.

AFF – abbr.
(1) Adult Friend Finder (a popular USA dating website).
(2) Asian Friend Finder (a popular Asian dating website).

Afterglow – n.
The good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm.

Agency – n.
A company that manages calls, bookings, and advertising for a group of escorts.

Air block – n.
A Foursome with one girl and three guys. One guy is fucking her ass. One guy is fucking her pussy. One guy’s cock is in her mouth and his two fingers in her nose nostrils.

Aircon – n.
A BARE BACK BLOW JOB conducted with a mint in the mouth.

Alabama hot pocket
shitting in a girls VAGINA and using it as LUBE.

Altoids – n.
Brand name of a breath mint, said to provide extra pleasure when used by a person giving FELLATIO. AIRCON.

Amazon – n.
A tall, strong, often masculine woman.

Ambitchous – adv.
Striving to be more of a bitch than the average bitch.

AMP – abbr.
Asian Massage Parlor

Anal beads – n.
A string of beads inserted into the ANUS and often pulled out during ORGASM.

Anal sex – n.
Sex involving the insertion of the penis or some other body part or object into the anus.

Analingus, anilingus – n.
Oral sex performed on the anus. See also RIMMING, RIM JOB.

Analrapist – n.
One line of work combining the professions of an analyst and a therapist, creating an analrapist. Not what you expected, eh?

And then I fucked her up the ass. – saying.
What you say when you’re in the middle of a story and nobody is listening.

Angry dragon – n.
Ejaculating in someone’s mouth and then hitting them in the back of the head, forcing the cum out of their nose so that they look like an angry dragon breathing fire.

Angry Pirate – n
When a man is receiving head while standing and his partner on their knees. Just before he ejaculates in his partners mouth, he pulls out and shoots his load in his partners eye. This will cause his partner to shut the eye with the semen in it. When the partner jumps up in anger, the man when kicks his partner in the shin, causing the partner to jump up and down holding the kicked leg and screaming “ARRRGHH!” in pain.

Anorgasmic – adj.
Incapable of having an ORGASM.

Anus – n.
The opening between the buttocks through which you shit and can have ANAL SEX. The “ass hole”, or “arse-hole”.

AR – abbr.
Ass Rim, Anal Rimming. ANALINGUS.

Arabian Goggles – n.
When you put your testicles over her eye sockets while getting head.

Armenian Noodle Dip
When a woman is sucking off a man, and as the man is about to cum he pulls it out and sticks it up (or against) one of her nostrils. The cum ends up dripping out both nostrils. Compare ANGRY DRAGON.

Arctic fever
When you are attracted to white girls, or boys, only.


Arse – n
The proper, British way, to refer to a BOTTOM. Which Americans refer to as an ASS.

Arsehole – n
The hole in the arse, where poop comes out. You an also call someone an arse-hole when they are being a bit of a CUNT, TWAT, etc.

Asian – n.

Asian Cowgirl – n.
Girl on top, squatting.

ASL – abr.
“Age, Sex, Location?”,. A common introductory question in online chat rooms.

ASP – abbr.
Adult Service Provider, or newsgroup.

Ass – n
Technically a horse crossed with a donkey … but north-americans use this word to mean ARSE, or BOTTOM.

Ass clown
1. An idiot or stupid person.
2. A male who engages in homosexuality. (i.e. has ANAL SEX with other men).

Asshat – n
One who has their head up their ass. Thus wearing their ass as a hat.

Asshole – n
The hole in the arse, where poop comes out. You an also call someone an arse-hole when they are being a bit of a CUNT, TWAT, etc.


ATF – abbr.
All time favorite.

ATM – abbr.
ASS TO MOUTH. Penis, toy, finger goes from ass to mouth. Most people do not appreciate.

Attempts – n.
Trying to orgasm

Aunt Flo – n.

Auto erect – n
When text is auto-corrected into something sexual.

Autofellatio – n.
For a man to perform oral sex on himself, putting his penis in his own mouth.

Autoerotic strangulation – n.
Suffocating oneself via strangulation for sexual stimulation, especially to increase the intensity of orgasm. A dangerous practice that sometimes results in death.

Autoerotic asphyxiation – n.

Awkward arm – n.
The arm that gets in the way before, during, or after sex.

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