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Eagle wings – n.
The position where a woman’s legs are spread wide open during sex, especially when she received oral sex.

Eat (someone) out – v.
To perform ORAL SEX on a woman; perform CUNNILINGUS.

ED – abbr.

Edgeplay – n.
Potentially dangerous sexual practices, often involving pain.

Edging – v.
Keeping oneself on the edge of an orgasm. Therefore increasing its duration.

Eiffel Tower – n.
A sexual act with two guys and a girl. The girl bends over and one guy takes her from behind (in the ANUS or VAGINA). The other gets a BLOW JOB. The two guys guys then double high five. This forms the shape of the Eiffel Tower.


Ejaculation – n.
When a man expels semen from the penis during an orgasm. See also FEMALE EJACULATION.

Enema – n.
An apparatus used to cause evacuation (to make you shit) by pumping water or inserting a chemical into the rectum.

Enter – v.
To put the penis into the vagina or anus.

Erectile dysfunction – n.
The inability to get or sustain an erection. A euphemism for IMPOTENCE. Abbreviated as ED.

Erection – n.
When the penis becomes engorged with blood and rigid due to sexual stimulation.

Erotic – adj.
Sexually exciting or interesting. Used especially for stories, pictures, etc.

Erotica – n.
Sexually exciting stories, movies, pictures, etc. Usually used in a positive sense. Compare PORNOGRAPHY.

Escort – n.
A person, usually a female, who sells her body for sex. Similar to a CALL GIRL, PROSTITUTE, HOOKER (Latin America), PUTA OR PREPAGO (Latin America). ESCORT has a higher quality connotation than a PROSTITUTE. A PROSTITUTE, for example, is more likely to work the streets (Thus also called a STREET WALKER). An escort is more likely to either work for an ESCORT AGENCY or work independently with contact information posted online on a ESCORT LISTING SITE. In jurisdictions where prostitution is illegal, ESCORTS may be able to work legally by stating that they only take donations. Another loophole is by stating that they only charge for their time, and that all other activities are undertaken by consenting adults of legal age in private. They may also use the term “date”

ETM – n.
Latin abbreviation for the literal translation of “and shit”, specifically, “et merda”. Similar to etc and eg.

Exhibitionism – n.
Getting sexual pleasure from exposing oneself to others or being watched while having sex. Opposite of VOYEURISM.

Exotic dancer – n.
Euphemism for STRIPPER.

Ex with benefits – n.
Refers to a former spouse with whom they a divorcee still has sex with occasionally. Compare to FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

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