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Maidenhead – n.

Make-out slut – n.
A woman who tends to kiss many men but rarely (or never) has sexual intercourse.

Making love – v.
Having sex in an intimate, loving way. With someone that you care about.

Mammary sex – check out our In Deep article!

Masterbate – v.
The alternative way to spell MASTURBATE.

Masturbation – n., masturbate – v.
Giving oneself sexual pleasure, especially using the hand to stimulate the genitals, and often resulting in orgasm.

Relating to or similar to MASTURBATION. Can also mean a room for masturbation: as in the movie “Running with scissors”.

Masturbilia – n.
Something used during masturbation, like a picture, article of clothing, or other object, that reminds the masturbator of someone they are fantasizing about. Derived from combining “masturbation” and “memorabilia”.


Menage-a-trois – n.
When three people have sex together at once. A threesome.

M.I.L.F. (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) – n
A sexually attractive middle-aged woman.

Milk Maiden – n.
A lactating woman who lets men suckle her.

Minge – n.
The female genitals, including pubic area. A British term.

Missionary position – n.
The “traditional” sexual position in the West, where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread and the man mounts her with his arms supporting his weight.

Mistress – n.
A dominant woman in a BDSM relationship; a DOMINATRIX.

MFF – abbr.
Male, Fedmale, Female. This details which genders are involved in a threesome.

MMF – abbr.
Male, Male, Female. This details which genders are involved in a threesome.

MMM – abbr.
Male, Male, Male. This details which genders are involved in a threesome.

Money shot – n.
The climactic scene in a porn film when the man ejaculates, usually onto the woman’s body or face; a cum shot.

Mother fucker – n.
An insult.

Muff – n.
The hairy pussy. BEAVER, BUSH.

Muff diving – v.
To GO DOWN on a woman. To perform ORAL SEX on a woman.

Multiorgasmic – adj.
Prone to having MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

Multiple orgasm – n., also multiple climax – n.
Having more than one orgasm in a single sex session, especially in rapid succession. Usually experienced by women.

Munch – v.
To munch on (or EAT OUT) PUSSY/VAGINA. to perform oral sex on a woman.

Mutual masturbation – n.
Masturbating in close proximity to someone else, at the same time, either individually or each other.

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