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Pack the fudge – v.
A crude and often derogatory term for engaging in ANAL SEX. See also FUDGE PACKER.

Pansy – n.
A HOMOSEXUAL man. A UK term.

Panties – n.
Women’s underwear. Often called KNICKERS in the UK.

Panty cum – v.
Cumming into a pair of panties, usually worn or used, and soiled to various degrees.

Panty fetish
A fetish that involves panties. This could include sniffing them, masturbating into them, or having sexual intercourse whilst the women is still wearing (pushed to the side). There are many variations. It is possible to purchase used panties online, soiled to various degrees.

Panty job – n.
When a woman gives a guy a hand job with a pair of panties, usually soiled.

Panty sniffer – n.
A guy who enjoys smelling the scent of woman on a pair of worn panties, soiled to various degrees.

Pantyhose – n.
What women wear on their legs to be SEXY. Called TIGHTS in the UK. Many men have PANTYHOSE FETISHES.

Pantyhose Fetish – n.
A fetish over PANTYHOSE. Can range from FORNICATING over women wearing them, having SEX with a woman whilst she wears them, sniffing them, feeling their texture, and EJACULATING on them (whilst they are worn or not).

Paraphilia – n.
A sexual obsession, usually over an object or sex act. See also FETISH.

PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle – n.
The muscle targeted in Kegel exercises. Often targeted by acting as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine.

Pearl necklace – n.
Ejaculating on someone’s neck and upper chest, especially after receiving fellatio. Derived from the white drops of cum that are reminiscent of pearls.

Penetration – n., penetrate – v.
1. Inserting the penis into the vagina.
2. Inserting the penis into the anus.

Peg – v.
To use a strap-on dildo on someone. Can be pleasurable for both the giver and receiver; the giver often experiencing a feeling of power.

Penis – n.
The male sex organ that engorges with blood and becomes erect. It is inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse and expels semen when a man reaches an orgasm.

Petit mort – n.
French for the “little death”; an ORGASM.

PAWG – n./abbr.
Phat Ass White Girl. i.e. a whit girl with a big ASS.

Play – n./v.
Sexual activity, especially BDSM activity.

Pocket pal – n.
A SEX TOY shaped to resemble a vagina. Also called a POCKET PUSSY.

Poke – v.

Polish – v.
To give a man a ORAL SEX focusing on the GLANS (HEAD), without a condom, usually with a lot of saliva.

Polyamory – n.
Having sexual relationships with more than one person.

Pop someone’s cherry – v.
To take someone’s virginity. See CHERRY.

Porn – abbreviation

Pornography – n.
Any sexually explicit picture, movie, book, etc. See also EROTICA.

Posh – adj. (technically an abbr.)
An upper class woman. Many men like watching them being fucked like dirty whores.

Pound – v.
To BANG, to FUCK, to have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Ina rough, thrusting or vigorous manner.

Prat – n.
A British term meaning half a bum, or a bum cheek. Can also refer to a person who is a bit of an idiot (i.e. a KNOB, DICKHEAD, PRICK, TWAT).

Pre-cum – n.
A small amount of clear fluid sometimes emitted by the penis during sexual arousal/stimulation but before ejaculation. May help with lubrication. May consist of viable sperm, and is the reason why the WITHDRAWAL METHOD still possesses a risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Premarital sex – n.
Sexual intercourse between unmarried people.

Premature ejaculation – n.
When a man cannot control the timing of his orgasm and ejaculates too quickly.

Priapism – n.
A medical condition characterized by a painful erection that won’t go down. Very occasionally is an extreme reaction to VIAGRA or CIALLIS.

Prick – n.

Prime adj/v.
(1) adj. To be in her prime. To be at her sexual peak. At a certain age.
(2) v. To get a sexual partner ready. To turn them on. To get the VAGINAL FUIDS flowing.

Privado – n.
Used in Argentina to mean a BROTHEL. (Technically it means an appartment).

Pound – v.

Pubic – n.
Of or pertaining to the pubic area; such as PUBIC HAIR.

Pubic bone – n.
The bone in the PUBIC area.

Pubic hair – n.
Hair that grows in the PUBIC area during and after PUBESCENCE. Nowadays often shaved off by women. Unfortunately.

Pubity – n.
The period when an adolescent develops into an adult, marked also by the growth of pubic hair.

Pudendum, pudenda – n.
A woman’s external genitals; the VULVA.

Pussy – n.
(2) A man who is weak or scared. Referring to him as having feminine qualities. For example a man who is scared of a spider could be called a pussy.

Pussy juice – n.
JUICE or LOVE JUICE. Secreted by the woman’s VAGINA during sexual arousal to act as a lubricant. It tastes yummy.

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