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Queef – n.
To fart with the vagina. FANNY FART.

Queen – n.
A man in drag. Usually GAY/HOMOSEXUAL.

Queer – adj.
Gay or lesbian. Usage note: Originally a derogatory term, now used by gay and lesbian people to refer to themselves.

Quickie – n.
Sexual intercourse that is short in duration. Can refer to a quickie with a girlfriend/wife (See also NOONER) or a quickie with a prostitute (i.e. i.e. 20 or 30 minute session rather than a full hour or all night encounter).

Quim – n.

Quinnipiac Slobcat – n.
A girl from Quinnipiac University who blacks out on the shuttle ride back to campus. These girls have been known to puke, piss, fall, and/or throw themselves at anything with a dick in front of everyone on the bus.

Quinta-sexual – n.
A person who is sexually attracted to men, women, animals, rocks and shrubbery.

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