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vagina – n.
A woman’s internal sex organ; the canal into which the penis is inserted during sexual intercourse and out of which babies are delivered.

vaginal orgasm – n.
A female orgasm caused by penetration of the vagina without clitoral stimulation.

vaginismus – n.
A sexual problem where the women’s vaginal muscles contract so tightly that intercourse is difficult or impossible.

vanilla – adj.
Non-kinky, “traditional” sex, usually between men and women.

vasectomy – n.
Surgery, performed on a man’s vas deferens inside the scrotum, which renders him infertile. However, he can still get horny and partake in sexual activities with no loss of sexual pleasure.

VD – abbr.

Venereal Disease – n.
A sexually transmitted disease, traditionally refers to syphilis and gonorrhea. See STD. Please note that this terminology has fallen out of favor; STD (sexually transmitted disease) is the more common term.

Viagra – n.
A registered trademark of Pfizer. This pill (generic name sildenafil citrate) helps men get an erection. See LEVITRA.

vibe – n.

vibrator – n.
A sex toy that vibrates, often used to stimulate the clitoris, but also the VAGINA and G-SPOT. Please note that a DILDO generally refers to a toy with no moving parts, as opposed to a vibrator which includes an electric motor that causes it to vibrate.

violet wand – n.
A BDSM sex toy in the shape of a wand that creates a shocking sensation.

virgin – n., virginity – n.
A man or woman who has never engaged in penetrative penis/vagina sexual intercourse.

vominatrix – n.
A DOMINATRIX who specializes in making her clients vomit.

voyeurism – n.
Getting sexual pleasure from watching someone else have sex. Opposite of EXHIBITIONISM. Smiley is into voyeurism.

vulva – n.
The external part of a woman’s genitals, including the LABIA MAJORA, LABIA MINORA and CLITORIS.

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